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4 Simple Tips To A Happy Beagle

When you think of a beagle, you might picture Snoopy in your mind. This adorable breed takes a special kind of owner when it comes time for training. Known to be a little stubborn, you might hit roadblocks if you don’t keep training consistent. Here are a few tips to make the transition smooth for you and your dog when you begin your relationship:

CONSISTENCY is imperative with beagles. Be firm when needed, and be sensitive to when your dog is ready for a mental break. With short attention spans, get them excited about what they are doing when you are teaching them something new.

DISCIPLINE will need to be predictable. You, as the owner, must stay in control and use a firm “No” when there is an undesired behavior. Never yell at or hit your dog.

PRAISE is the ultimate reward for any dog. This positive reinforcement will allow your dog to please instead of doing things out of fear. Every dog responds well when told how good they are, and a doggie treat never hurts.

ASSOCIATION with bad things and positive commands should be avoided. Did you know that if you use “come” and praise your dog, that you can ruin the results when calling them and giving them a bad experience (such as shots, or the vet)?

Dogs speak a different language than us humans. In order to help you learn to communicate effectively, it is best to go to obedience class with your puppy so you can get a strong communication system in place.

Always train your beagle where you can control the situation, and gradually give your beagle more trust. With time, your dog will become a fun, frisky and loveable companion for you.

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