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Beagle Clicker Training

Do you wish you could magically teach your dog to sit and stay? A dog that is well trained is a happy and secure dog, knowing what his owner’s expectations are. Using clicker training is an inexpensive and useful tool that proves good results with many dogs. Easily found in pet stores, they can be used like the ringing bell for Pavlov’s dogs: hear the click, get the positive result you have trained for.

Your clicker training can be used for a variety of commands, depending on what results you want with your dog. By using the clicker noise, then quickly rewarding your dog for good behavior, your dog will begin to give immediate results.

This method is cruelty free and easily used by the trainer. It works by simply making the clicking noise with desired behavior, and simply withholding the noise without the behavior. Much like an “atta boy” with kids, clicker training works through positive reinforcement.

Clicker training is also good for training dogs with aggression and behavior issues. By using the noise of a clicker, you are teaching the dog the desired behavior. This diminishes the wrong behavior, without a battle of the wills between you and your dog.

Clicker training is consistent. It is the same sound from every member of the family attempting to train the dog, which eliminates the different commands.

Clicker training isn’t just for dogs! This method of training has been adapted to train horses, pigs, rats and more – some even claim you can train cats.

With such a small investment, isn’t it worth seeing if clicker training works for your dog?


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