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How a ‘Nerdy’ Animal Behavior Expert From Indiana Accidentally Discovered the Secrets to Having A Well Behaved Dog … Without Spending Time Or Money!”

If you are about to buy a dog or have owned one for years the secrets you will discover here (that you don’t know yet) will change your life forever. Why? Because I’m about to reveal to you everything I learned over the past 4 years while closely studying animal behavior and specifically how dogs think, act, and respond to their owners. With this little-known information (even most “experienced” dog trainers have no clue about) you’ll be able to teach your new or old dog to be a productive, well-behaved addition to the family. But that’s not all… I’m also going to reveal the latest research about how to keep your pet happy and healthy for the rest of its life. And a whole lot more. You’ll learn…

  • Why dogs can be an easy to train! (Animal psychologists finally pinpointed the triggers that influence them to act like you want them to!)
  • How to “condition” your adult dog to stop misbehaving even if everything you’ve tried so far has failed miserably! (Old dogs really can learn new tricks if you know how they like to learn!)

Critical Research You Must Do BEFORE Acquiring A New Dog! Just A Little Smart Investigation On Your Part Will Save You Money And Possible Heartache!

  • One simple activity they need at least once a day (preferably twice) to maintain optimal health! Otherwise, you’ll have a sick pet on your hands!
  • Fun Facts: A trait dog owners love, but don’t know how to encourage! (You’ll never guess what it is offhand but you’ll be glad when you find out!)
  • The biggest health problem dogss suffer from that is totally preventable without ever going to a costly vet!
  • Where to go if you want to find out how to extend your dog’s life as long as possible! (A secret resource you’ll refer to again and again!)
  • And much, much more.

How Will You Use This Vital Information To Provide Your Dog With The Warm, Loving And Fun Environment It Craves?

  • Will you teach it how to do tricks? (Actually, there are five fun and easy tricks dogs love to learn… and do so in a few short days… whether they are brand new pups or older dogs!)
  • Will you make sure a particular breed is the right dog for you and your family BEFORE you buy one? (It’s only fair to both of you to know if a certain dog is the right pet from the start so you avoid problems later on!)
  • Will you teach it almost overnight how to stay house trained… even if you’re gone all day? (There is a simple strategy that guarantees your dog will learn house training in record time with little to no effort on your part!)
  • How much more fun will you have caring properly for your loving pet? After all, they depend on you and when you really understand the needs a dog has you’ll feel a sense of pride knowing you’re providing the best for him or her.

Look, it doesn’t matter if you’ve never owned a dog in your life and just want a new puppy around the house for companionship… or… if you already own an older dog and want to learn a few more ways to keep him or her happy and healthy as long as possible. And it doesn’t matter if you want a dog as a house pet, or to breed or to train as a show dog or just to show off to friends and family, or whatever else you have in mind. Anyone can use the dog secrets I’ll reveal to you for any of those reasons because I have the information you’ve been looking for.

My name is Michael Whitman. I began studying animal behavior as part of a psychology course in college, and I became fascinated with the way dogs respond to specific “language” and commands we can give that they instinctively understand and obey. And now my hard work will pay off for you.

I accidentally stumbled upon a number of documented “processes” (only an elite group of animal scientists know exist) that instantly put you in control of your dog’s behavior, and allow you to quickly break bad habits (yes this does include any of your ‘pet peeves’), instill good habits and help you build a close loving relationship with your dog.

Over the past 6 years, I have written seven courses about canines and canine training. Even a course about how to protect your dogs health and extend its life.

I even turned down a potential lucrative offer to publish my works with a highly-regarded publishing house.

I decided I would rather keep personal contact with my students and customers.

Now I’m introducing my new course entitled… “Dog Training Secrets No One Told You About”. It’s an authoritative owner’s manual jam-packed with every little secret, tip, trick and technique to care properly for the dog in your life.

Now, I know that there are many other dog training products on the market. From the cheapo courses with common sense information you can get from the pet store, the various courses sold in coursestores, and all the courses sold online. Now, I am not going to waste time trying to convince you to order from me instead of those other guys.

I will only say that I am an expert in this field over and above the simple dog trainers you find near the Mall. And I receive emails all the time from people who ordered from some of the many sites selling products in this market online and to put it bluntly…they did not have the best experiences.

This is my livlihood and I take it very seriously.

I hope you can trust me…because I am here to help you and your dog have a better life together.

In fact, here are just a few comments about this course (and I have dozens of them!):

“We Have Someone That’s Part of The Family ”


When I brought home our new puppy, I thought that it would be a simple thing to train him and help him adjust to our family – boy, was I wrong. I was frustrated and my husband was frustrated with the constant accidents on our floor as well as the misbehavior.

I was frustrated and exasperated, but so was our new pup, making everyone miserable in the process. But when I found “Dog Training Secrets No One Told You About,” I figured it was my best chance, but probably my last chance with Prince (that’s our dog). I couldn’t believe how easy the course was and how quickly Prince picked up new habits.

I really feel like I understand Prince now – I’ve learned more about dogs from this course than from our vet even! Prince seems different now, more relaxed, more loving and I really feel like we’ve got a whole new chance to bond with each other. Instead of hiding when I walk in the door, Prince comes running up to me as soon as the key hits the lock. My husband and I don’t just have a pet now; we have someone that’s really a part of the family.

Thank you so much!


“They Can Actually Obey!”

I must say, I’m impressed with this program. Having just adopted not just one but two puppies within 3 months, my house has been a non stop barking, tearing and accident place.

I have looked at other programs but haven’t really found them to help me to change my puppies ways any. When I found Michael Whitman’s product, I decided to give it a try! I was so impressed that my dogs for once stopped barking, turned and listened to me! Its amazing that they CAN actually obey! Because it was so easy to use and it worked right from the start, our lives have really improved. Thank you so much for these lessons. They’ve saved me money and so much stress!

Sandy Baker

“Whitman Didn’t Just Save My Dog’s Life,

He Saved Mine, too”

I didn’t know what I was going to do with my dog before I read Michael

Whitman’s book, Dog Secrets. My hound was chewing on everything, peeing

on the floor, pulling me around the neighborhood, and stealing food off

the counter. As soon as I began to follow Whitman’s simple instructions,

I noticed my dog’s behavior beginning to improve. I couldn’t believe it.

Now, Hutch is an obedient, loyal and loving companion.

He follows instructions and modifies his behavior based on the situation. If we are playing, he is playful. If we are training, he is working. If we have

company, he is calm and obedient. Whitman didn’t just save my dog’s

life, he saved mine, too.


“As A Contributor to The Humane Society… ”

As a volunteer and contributor to The Humane Society, I’m a big proponent of animal/human relationships.The bond between a dog and its owner can be extraordinarily strong and beautiful; so when there seems to be a hitch in communicating effectively with each other it creates a situation filled with stress, even helplessness at times! The owner becomes frustrated and the dog can sense it- which is hard for an animal whose basic nature is to please their master!

Michael Whitman’s ‘Dog Training Secrets No One Told You About’ is perfect for leveling the playing ground and putting dogs and their humans on an even plane of communication. In doing this, dogs become in tune to their master’s wishes and vice versa. This only strengthens the bond that every owner and their dog deserve to have. (And thanks to Michael Whitman’s wonderful insights into canine behavior, you’re going to save a bundle when it comes to obedience classes!)


“You’ve Tried The Rest, It Is Now Time To Try The Best ”

Micheal Whitman has created an extensive traing course the will benefit any dog owner. From constructive play to proper discipline, Michael offers practical ways for dog owners to show respect and earn it in return. This is a must for owners who have tried other methods and have not seen any results. As the old saying goes, now that you’re tried the rest, it is now time to try the best!

-Erica Thinesen

“Michael Understands Dogs And Their Behavior”

Michael Whitman obviously understands dogs and their behavior. As a current owner of several dogs I understand the importance of being able to communicate with my dogs and have them quickly learn commands. In addition the information about dog health is invaluable and very practical and applicable. Using the simple and well described techniques and secrets Michael has developed will certainly have a positive impact on my dogs!


Not only does this course reveal all the great secrets to keeping dogs under control and obedient… it also shows you all the dreadful stuff that could cost you a bundle! (Stuff like training mistakes, dealing with rip off obedience trainers, blunders, errors, health risks to be aware of, etc.)

I put together a comprehensive resource with every secret all dog owners must know.

Secrets like:

  • The six special rules for raising dogs that most owners are totally surprised to find out! (Follow these rules only if you want a well-adjusted pet!)
  • Four easy steps to make sure your dog and dog puppy stays healthy!
  • The primary factors that guarantee you get the right dog for you and your family! (Believe it or not, dogs with certain dispositions may not be right for you. Here’s how to determine that before you fall in love with a dog you can’t tolerate!)
  • How to “train” your dog to love you and their new home! You’ll see how quickly you can make him or herfeel right at home and fit in with the family!
  • A nine point checklist you must have if you’re considering getting a dog! (Don’t leave home without it!)
  • 10 warning signs that might save your pet’s life

The One Place You Should Never
Buy A dog! If You Do You’ll Pay
Hundreds Of Extra Dollars To Get
Your Sick Dog Healthy Again!

  • How to pick the right vet for your dog! (Not all vets are the same when it comes to their knowledge about dogs. Here’s how to pick the right one!)
  • Should you buy a dog puppy or should you buy an adult dog? (The answer depends on these factors.)
  • Which dog is better with kids…a male or female? (Don’t buy one until you find this out!)

And other dog ownership secrets such as:

  • How to make your home and yard safe for your adventurous dog! These dogs are feisty and love to roam around so you’ll need to keep them safe.
  • The right kind of food that’s best for dogs! (Not all dogs are the same…and they shouldn’t all eat the same food. This could make a huge difference!)
  • The easiest way to keep your dog from “roaming”… without having to put up an expensive fence!
  • What to do if your dog becomes too hyper! (A common complaint from dog owners – but with this simple trick, it’ll never happen!)
  • Should you start out with a dog puppy or an adult dog? Find out for yourself!

The Truth About Obedience
Training For Your dog And
When It’s Really Necessary!

  • How to stop your dog from chewing up your shoes, furniture, and everything else…almost overnight! (And it has nothing to do with being harsh or unkind!)
  • “Crate Training” – what it is…and is it safe?
  • The “missing nutrient” that you don’t find in most dog food… and how to make sure your dog is getting enough! Which food is better for dogs…canned, dry, or moist?
  • The “right” time of day to feed your dog! (You might be in for a surprise because it’s not when you think!)
  • Plus… more!

Way more information than I have room here to talk about. As you can see, “Dog Secrets No One Told You About” contains a lot (a whole lot) of valuable and little-known details about how to nicely control your dog’s behavior, make them obey you on command, take care of their health and well-being and create the best possible environment for yourself and your special pet.

Now, you’re probably wondering how much this special e-course is going to cost you. The truth is you can try it out at my risk.

Here’s The Deal…

You should know that I only want people who are serious about the well-fare of their new or old dog to buy my course. I’m sharing everything I learned with you and certainly feel only some people should even read the course in the first place. That’s why I decided to price the course high enough to weed out the tire-kickers who probably don’t care about their pet dog very much.

In order to keep those “types” away, I originally priced the course at $97.77. But whenever you sell a course like this (so specific in nature) inevitably there are people who want it but can’t afford it.

So I decided to lower the price for a short while to just $67.77.

That’s a drop in the bucket when you consider how much money my course can actually save you on the care of your dog alone. Heck, just the section on how to keep your dog healthy will prevent extra vet visits that cost an arm and a leg.

This is ultra-valuable info you gotta have if you truly want the happiest, healthiest, and best-behaved dog on the block.

To Show How Much I Really Care

Unlimited Email Consultations – If you have a question or concern that is not covered in “Dog Secrets No One Told You About” just email me using my private email. I’ll do my best to help you with your particular situation.

This can be invaluable if you need some personal help. Nothing like this is offered anywhere! ($97.77 value–Which Is My Hourly Fee)

You also get an unheard of No Risk, 100% Money Back Guarantee!


There’s just one little thing: I’m getting my ducks in line to prepare another course on an unrelated subject that will take a lot of time and energy to put together. I’ll probably have to take some time away from this project and close my site down at least for a little while. So, if you don’t order right now, you may have to wait until I finish that project… maybe a year down the road.

You’re gonna love this.

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