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My ’email buddy’ Greg who is as avid re Beagles as I am has directed me to this free video he has found that has allowed him to get his Beagle named Casey under control.  See, a few weeks ago Casey ran into the road near Greg’s dog park.  It almost got ugly, but Greg [and Casey] got lucky.

However, you can’t count on luck-and Greg knew that.

So he took action.

And unless your beagle is perfect you should to.  Greg swears by it and so do I.

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Beagle Dogs

When it comes to beagle dogs people are often obsessed with them. Those that love the beagle breed really love the breed. There is a lot to love about beagles as they are intensely loyal.

How loyal you ask?

My father’s beagle growing up saved his life once. The beagle pushed him out of the way of a moving car on a local dirt road. Granted, the car was probably an Edsel moving 5mph but still it counts. The power of the beagle was strong with that one.

So, what is it about beagle dogs that make them special:
They are lean
They are good with kids
They are energetic
They are loyal

If you are looking for a beagle now is the time and I don’t think you will regret it. They will be a companion for life.

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Cute Beagle Puppy Picture

This little guy is adorable. Nothing more to say:

What a cute little beagle puppy.

What a cute little beagle puppy. Great pick

Image Courtesy of Flickr

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I have gotten a few emails lately from people that should probably NOT get dogs. Even a perfectly trained dog needs to be walked 3 times per day, need medicine when its sick, and daily care and attention. So, if you aren’t prepared for that-do yourself and the dog a favor-don’t get one.

The next question is, how do you know if you are ready?

Try it out. Dogs are available…your friend has one, the shelters have some, spend some time with one and see how it goes.



Beagle Clicker Training

Do you wish you could magically teach your dog to sit and stay? A dog that is well trained is a happy and secure dog, knowing what his owner’s expectations are. Using clicker training is an inexpensive and useful tool that proves good results with many dogs. Easily found in pet stores, they can be used like the ringing bell for Pavlov’s dogs: hear the click, get the positive result you have trained for.

Your clicker training can be used for a variety of commands, depending on what results you want with your dog. By using the clicker noise, then quickly rewarding your dog for good behavior, your dog will begin to give immediate results.

This method is cruelty free and easily used by the trainer. It works by simply making the clicking noise with desired behavior, and simply withholding the noise without the behavior. Much like an “atta boy” with kids, clicker training works through positive reinforcement.

Clicker training is also good for training dogs with aggression and behavior issues. By using the noise of a clicker, you are teaching the dog the desired behavior. This diminishes the wrong behavior, without a battle of the wills between you and your dog.

Clicker training is consistent. It is the same sound from every member of the family attempting to train the dog, which eliminates the different commands.

Clicker training isn’t just for dogs! This method of training has been adapted to train horses, pigs, rats and more – some even claim you can train cats.

With such a small investment, isn’t it worth seeing if clicker training works for your dog?


Potty training for beagles is much like training for any dog. If you are feeling a little frustrated with the process, perhaps you need to reevaluate how you are doing things and make a few tweaks to the program to get your puppy going outside, instead of on the carpet! Save you and your dog some frustration.

First, while potty training your beagle, you will need to dedicate part of the house that can absorb – or better yet, NOT absorb – accidents. Cordon off the kitchen, laundry, or bathroom so that when your puppy is unattended, the accidents will be cleanable in a hurry.

Keep newspaper down for your puppy in one corner of the room. When your puppy first starts to tinkle, quickly set them on the paper. Then praise them for doing it in the right place.

As your puppy grows older, you may want to begin with outside potty training. When you are ready to begin this, then be prepared to keep your puppy supervised closely or confined when you are unable to take him out. As soon as you see your puppy about to potty, take your dog outside.

PRAISE, PRAISE, PRAISE your dog when he goes potty in the right place.

Expect your dog to have accidents, even as they grow. Even once a dog is full house trained, they are susceptible to upset tummies, and if they get left in too long, they may have an accident. Don’t make it a big deal if your dog is doing well.

Remember that every dog learns at a different pace, and potty training takes time, and works best if someone can stay home with the puppy nearly around the clock until the skill is mastered.


When you think of a beagle, you might picture Snoopy in your mind. This adorable breed takes a special kind of owner when it comes time for training. Known to be a little stubborn, you might hit roadblocks if you don’t keep training consistent. Here are a few tips to make the transition smooth for you and your dog when you begin your relationship:

CONSISTENCY is imperative with beagles. Be firm when needed, and be sensitive to when your dog is ready for a mental break. With short attention spans, get them excited about what they are doing when you are teaching them something new.

DISCIPLINE will need to be predictable. You, as the owner, must stay in control and use a firm “No” when there is an undesired behavior. Never yell at or hit your dog.

PRAISE is the ultimate reward for any dog. This positive reinforcement will allow your dog to please instead of doing things out of fear. Every dog responds well when told how good they are, and a doggie treat never hurts.

ASSOCIATION with bad things and positive commands should be avoided. Did you know that if you use “come” and praise your dog, that you can ruin the results when calling them and giving them a bad experience (such as shots, or the vet)?

Dogs speak a different language than us humans. In order to help you learn to communicate effectively, it is best to go to obedience class with your puppy so you can get a strong communication system in place.

Always train your beagle where you can control the situation, and gradually give your beagle more trust. With time, your dog will become a fun, frisky and loveable companion for you.

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To properly train your beagle dogs you need to keep a few things in mind.  It doesn’t matter whether you are training your beagle puppy or if you are worried about beagle potty training, the answers are all the same.

Before we get into all the answers lets talk a bit about dogs in general.  They are pack animals and need a bit of structure in their life.  They should NEVER, I repeat, NEVER be hit.  But they love positive reinforcement.  When your beagle puppy does something right you need to shower him with praise.

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